Locus Soft became a finalist of a Startup competition SWIFT Innotribe Challenge 2017. More than one hundred judges from financial, technological and investment communities have estimated startups from all over the CIS.

About us


Locus Soft Technologies — The company Locus Soft Technologies is an IT company that specializes in developing effective web solutions. Thanks to its own development, the use of Microsoft technologies we create solutions for the growth profitability of our client companies. This allows us to quickly develop reliable on-premises and cloud solutions working 24 hours 7 days a week.


DEEPHOUND is a SaaS solution for cyber fraud prevention in financial sector organizations: banks, insurance companies, etc. DEEPHOUND collects data from the dark web, analyzes and identifies threats, notifies of targeted threats, visualizes aggregated information, and helps in investigations. The objectives of the project: the creation of an international platform to counter cyber fraud, the creation of unique algorithms for analysis of closed resources of the dark web.


Our team unites together highly qualified specialists in the field of development and designing of databases, information and analytical systems, modern Internet solutions. Our staff has Russian and international certificates, and experience will allow you to create unique software for companies

We justify the trust


Development of marketing tools for attracting new customers through referral tools

The creation of software products in the field of information security

The collection and analysis of information from private resources in the interest of the Bank

Our services

How we work

1. Design

Study the business model and with due attention to every detail of the designed optimal scenarios of the future program.

2. Develop the interface

Developed an intuitive interface that provides quick and convenient operation.

3. Programmable

Reliable software exactly implement all planned functionality.
Most of the projects we implement on the technology .Net (C#) in conjunction with Microsoft SQL Server databases.

4. Test

Testing and content system.
Determine the reliability and practicality of decisions, the quality of implemented features.

5. Followed

Stable operation and development of the project is not less important than its quality implementation. We are ready to provide technical support for one-time works and in a long-term contracts for maintenance and necessary modifications of the software.


Minimizing risks

The choice of the company-developer, of course, is associated with risk. But ordering the design from us, you will be able to evaluate our company without significant risk. A relatively short and inexpensive first phase — “Preparation of technical specifications and interface design” will show our attitude and responsibility.

The cost of this stage is fixed — $1000. And if for any reason the customer is not satisfied with our company, he can go to another artist, already having on hands the detailed TS.

Transparent pricing

Correctly estimate the cost and timing of project development is possible only after analysis of the task. We calculate how many man-hours will be needed for the development of the project and multiply the figure by a standard hourly rate — $30/h.

A rough estimate we can inform after receiving the primary information, and accurate — after writing the specification. Usually the project cost starts from 200 thousand rubles.

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